Corporate Giving

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Globalive is making a difference

“We’re building ‘giving back’ into more than our mission statement – we’re building it into our office space.” – Anthony Lacavera, Founder, SHAMBA foundation

The SHAMBA foundation is based on the simple idea that ”giving back” is important and that if you make it easy and you make it fun, people will do it. In fact, they’ll do it a lot and they’ll tell their friends to do it and their friends will tell their colleagues and pretty soon, that’s a lot of people giving back – that’s the easy part.”

To date, SHAMBA has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for guest charities like Little Geeks, POGO, Habitat for Humanity, the Speech Foundation and the Ontario Crafts Council. We look forward to working with many others in the New Year, enabling additional funds to be raised for various causes. Learn about the latest SHAMBA initiative at