About Globalive

Over the past 15 years Globalive and its award-winning industry leading team have fostered a reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier of telecommunications services for millions of consumers and thousands of businesses. Carriers have also come to trust Globalive’s wholesale platforms for services including clearinghouse and billing and collections solutions, teleconferencing and video conferencing solutions, and a variety of value-added carrier services.

Following the deregulation of the Canadian telecom industry in 1998, founder, Chairman and CEO Anthony Lacavera saw an opportunity – an opportunity to provide next-generation telecommunications solutions into a market dominated by very large, slow-moving incumbent operators. Globalive initially focused on bringing new technology and proprietary software solutions to traditional voice and data services and developing hosted solutions for business and white-label carrier customers. Today over Globalive’s early success led to the top spot on Profit Magazine’s 2004 list of Canada’s Fastest Growing companies.

The Globalive Group subsequently diversified operations, entering the consumer market with the acquisition of Yak Communications in 2006, the launch of its philanthropic foundation SHAMBA in 2007, and most recently, its entry into the wireless market with the successful launch of Globalive Wireless (operating as WIND Mobile) in 2009.

In 2010 Globalive won its seventh consecutive Deloitte Best Managed Companies award – a run that started in 2004 – attaining Platinum Club Member status.

In early 2013, Globalive will launch Globalive Capital to make strategic investments in early-stage technology and telecommunications companies leveraging the Globalive operating platform and track record of success.

Now entering its 15th year, Globalive remains a privately owned Canadian-based company.

Globalive Timeline

1998 – Globalive is founded by Anthony Lacavera with colleagues from the University of Toronto’s engineering school when the local phone market in Canada is deregulated to offer value-added telecom services to the newly emerging carriers building networks to compete with the incumbent phone companies in local phone and internet services to consumers and businesses.

1999 – Globalive launches clearinghouse and billing and collections services for carriers and begins to develop international carrier relationships.  Globalive rolls out value-added long distance and operator services to Canadian hotels and hospitals, and captures over 2,800 hospitality customers representing over 90% of the Canadian market within 3 years.

2000 – Globalive launches teleconferencing services for carriers, and ultimately provides seed financing for four teleconferencing services providers over two years, three with successful exits to telecom larger telecom players

2001 – Globalive is named #5 on Profit Magazine’s 2001 listing of Canada’s Hottest Startups

2003 – Globalive partners with industry players to create OneConnect Services, the first VoIP services company targeting Canadian small businesses with hosted voice and value-added services.  Today OneConnect offers Data & Internet services, hosted voice services and many other traditional telecom services rolled into a best fit solution for our customers.

2004 – Globalive named #1 on Profit Magazine’s 2004 list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.  Globalive named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies for the first time (and every consecutive year since 2004 Globalive continues to be named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies)

2005 – Globalive’s founder, Chairman and CEO, Anthony Lacavera is named to Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 list

2006 – Globalive acquires Yak Communications, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ market for $75M CDN in an all-cash deal financed by Canadian banks

2007 – Anthony Lacavera founds the Shamba Foundation, a unique philanthropic initiative designed to support charities in Canada with training, fundraising efforts including hosting fundraisers for guest charities in Globalive’s Shamba space, and driving unique volunteer engagement opportunities for the Globalive team

2008 – Globalive creates Globalive Wireless (now operating as Wind Mobile), and secures a strategic investment from Orascom Telecom to enter the 2008 AWS Spectrum Auction.  Globalive Wireless wins wireless licenses everywhere in Canada except Quebec

2009 – After an unprecedented lobbying effort from incumbent telecoms, the CRTC conducts the first-ever public review of a telecom company and ultimately denies Globalive Wireless its operating license in October, 2009.  In December, 2009 the Federal Cabinet intervened, varied the CRTC decision and Globalive Wireless launched its WIND Mobile service in December 2009.

2010 – Globalive’s founder, Chairman and CEO Anthony Lacavera is named Canada’s CEO of the Year by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine

2013 – Globalive will launch Globalive Capital to make strategic investments in technology and telecom companies leveraging the Globalive operating platform and track record of success